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In 2020, the world was immersed in a medically induced coma from March until July when many lockdown measures to combat the spread of COVID-19 were eased. Now, in October, many countries are facing a second wave with another potential lockdown. With high levels of unemployment, economic decimation for industries such as travel and the arts, how does the world recover from this?

How does the world make plans in times of great uncertainty? How does this end? The Spanish Flu ended when all those infected either died or developed immunity. With a global blueprint for suppression in direct opposition to the WHO directions, achieving herd immunity would seem to not be achievable. This leaves one thing – a vaccine. Until there is a safe and tested vaccine that is developed, the world faces uncertainty.

The Ahead of the Curves podcast is all about the Extraordinary Humans around the globe whose courage, vision and passion will contribute to humanity’s ability to not only recover but reimagine. Hosted by New Zealander Aly Cook, Music Artist, Publicist and host of Aly’s Self Sufficient podcast and Aussie, Nichola Burton, Author, Music Business specialist and Host of The Music Real podcast, the Ahead of the Curves podcasts take us on a journey out of the uncertainty and into recovery and reimagination.

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In the meantime, how do we live? How do we get back to work? How do we diversify and future proof? How do we recover? Our traditional ways to connect and celebrate remain restricted and may do so for another year. In the meantime, how do we as a species, rebuild on every level to be able to face the potential tsunami of mental health challenges that is now facing every country on this planet.

While we face global uncertainty and do not expect the world’s economy to return to pre COVID levels until late 2021, history demonstrates that following a global pandemic that a world economy will boom. The Roaring 20s followed the Spanish Flu and the Renaissance followed the Black Plague. Economic pundits have predicted that the greatest amount of wealth will be created between 2021 and 2030.


Aly Cook

Aly Cook is a New Zealand based Multi award-winning recording artist with a deep passion for all things musical.  She is a consummate songwriter and performer, who has taken her music to the world, delighting audiences wherever she roams and carving a career as a respected live performer.  With a power house vocal and a maturity to bring out the best in her voice Aly’s style site across Country Blues and Roots. 

She has used her vast entrepreneurial experience to crowd fund all of her recordings to date and also dedicated much of her life to furthering the careers of other independent artists as free lance publicist.  She has twice been a finalist for NEXT New Zealand Woman of the Year in 2011 & 2016 for her contribution to the Arts. 

Nichola Burton started the Australian Music Agency, The Pushworth Group, in 1990. After 3 decades as the “Engine Room” producing a comprehensive Training, Business and Wellness program for Artists and managing the Pushworth business, Nicki has now produced and hosted 150 episodes of the Australian Music Industry podcast The Music Real since the lockdowns began in March 2020.

A lifetime spent in the Music Industry as performer, writer, manager, producer agent, trainer and systems designer, Nicki produced Australia’s largest community music festival, the Caxton Street Seafood and Wine Festival 2009 – 2014. She mentors and coaches Music Artists in her Music Means Business programs and SME business owners in her Metriculous programs.

Based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Nicki is a Mama, Lala, Dreamer, Adventurer, Creative, Philosopher and Advocate for Arts Economies across the globe.

Nichola Burton